Worst Written Sentence Contest

A Picture of a eBook Español: Foto de eBook Бе...

A Picture of a eBook Español: Foto de eBook Беларуская: Фотаздымак электроннай кнігі Русский: Фотография электронной книги (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Picture this. You just got home after a hard day’s work, you fix your dinner (steak and potatoes) poured yourself a nice glass of red wine and now you’re in your favorite chair with your Kindle. You’ve downloaded that book EVERYBODY has been talking about then wonk, wonk, wooonnnnkkkk the first sentence is so damn bad your steak doesn’t even taste right anymore.

Or what about…

….you worked on this novel for over a year. You are so confident that this will be the next big thing. You send it to the only publisher which is one of the largest out of the Big Six because you know they are going to be knocking down your door with this one. A week later you get it back but instead of a multimillion dollar contract it’s your manuscript all marked up with a sticky note saying your first sentence was so bad they didn’t even bother reading the rest.

What a buzz killer huh? I know you wondering what my point to this is? Here it goes, don’t throw away that manuscript or delete that eBook off your Kindle just yet. There is an actual contest going on that wants that horrible first sentence.

No I’m serious! It’s called the Lyyttlle Lytton contest and it’s free to enter. They already embarrassing you enough with the nomination I guess displaying one of your worse sentence the least they can do is let you enter for free. Basically if you have written a horrible sentence or you have read one in a novel as long as it’s 25 words or less you can submit it. Deadline is April 15th. You may enter as many times as you want however if the line does not sound like a real sentence to a real novel you will be automatically disqualified. I suggest you go over past entries to see what they are looking for.

Good luck and visit www.adamcadre.ac/lyttle.html for full details and fill out entry form.

Peace and luv!


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