Dollar General Does More Than Sell Inexpensive Products

Dollar General

Dollar General (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you aware of some of the businesses in your area and what they do for their communities? Here’s one you may not know about but by the end of this you will have some idea of what this foundation does.

Dollar General is doing more than selling products for $1. They are concerned about education and giving not only kids but adults a chance to read and learn especially when society may have let them down. It always help when the stores you shop at gives a percentage of their proceeds back to communities that are in need. The Dollar General Literacy Foundation has grant programs for just about everyone. Check out the ones they offer to see if maybe your organization or school can benefit from.

  • Adult Literary Grants award funding to nonprofit organizations to provide services to adults in need of literary assistance if the organization provide these to adults: adult basic education, GED preparation and English language acquisition
  • Beyond Words: The Dollar General School Library Relief Program assist with libraries that is recovering from disasters
  • Family Literacy Grantsprovides funding for family service providers. Organizations must be achieving this for their participants: adult education instruction, children’s education, parent/child together time, parenting classes
  • Youth Literacy Grantsprovides funding to schools, public libraries and nonprofit organizations in helping students who are below grade level. They help by implementing new or expanding existing literacy programs, purchasing new technology equipment to support literacy initiatives and purchasing books, materials, software for literacy programs. The deadline for this grant is May 16th and the winner is announced on Aug. 24th. The maximum amount for the grant is $4000
  • The Summer Reading Grant provides funding to local nonprofit organizations/libraries to help implement or expand existing summer reading programs. They have to target Pre-K thru 12th graders who are new, below or have a learning disability.

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