Copy Cater!

The Twilight Saga (film series)

The Twilight Saga (film series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you heard of fan fiction? Apparently it has been around for a minute and has become a craze in the underground writing scene. Simply put it is when fans take a novel they love and rewrite it with alternate endings, characters, and so on. Afterwards they post the fan fiction online for others to read.

Ok, now that you know the generic version I’ll tell you how fan fiction relates to 50 Shades of Gray. When Twilight came out a fan of it named E. L. James took to rewriting the novel to her liking making it a steamier version of the Twilight novel but everything else is pretty much the same. She used the title Master of the Universe under the pseudo name Snowqueens Icedragon. It was taken down eventually, for what I’m not sure. Fast forward a few years and 50 Shades of Gray pops up on the scene. It becomes an instant hit. E.L. James became a household name then she lands a huge book deal with a publisher and they are in talks of turning the steamy novel into a movie already.

The publisher that has given her the book deal, when asked about the similarities between Master of the Universe and the Twilight series, they responded by saying there is no plagiarism. Thank god for plagiarism programs which is what a journalist did and it revealed 89% of 50 Shades of Gray were the same as Master of the Universe. It wouldn’t make a difference since she did copied….write Master of the Universe but considering it’s a copy of Twilight, I’m a little irritated.

What is going to happen when she writes another novel? (An original one!) Does she have the talent that will live up to the hype of her current watered down copy cat version of Twilight? Look if you wanna rewrite another version to your favorite novel do you but attempting to pass it on as original when clearly all you did was change the character’s names and make steamy sex scenes, is insulting to the original creator! And not once have anyone mentioned on these entertainment news programs or regular news programs about the fact that this whole thing was created because of a fan who wanted to spice up an already great novel! E.L. James is not the originator of erotica either but EVERYBODY wants to coin it as ‘mom porn’ and make it appear that this is a brand new concept. I’m not impressed boo I want to see more work from you! I luv to support writers but to be honest this heifa doesn’t deserve that title as of yet.

Peace and luv!


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