To Charge High or Not….That Is The Question


Agh the wonderful world of publishing. It changes it seems every day. You have to literally spend a large chunk of your day to stay up on the latest trends, technology, writers, releases and the business aspect of it. If you don’t…well good luck with becoming successful. Ebooks have hit the literary world like a tsunami. Traditional publishers are just now realizing how important they are. Advantages of having a novel in eBook format are:

  1. novels are published quicker,
  2. author necessarily doesn’t have to resort to getting published thru an agent or a traditional publisher,
  3. authors can keep more of the profits earned from sells and rights,
  4. costs to have your novel published is damn near cut in half,
  5. society is an instant gratification type of people so eBooks can be downloaded instantly and
  6. prices are not as high

Well sometimes they are not that high. Recently several of the big time publishers have come under hot water for over pricing the eBooks they publish. The biggest advantage for eBooks as I said above is it doesn’t cost much to get it out there like it is for print. Consumers are upset about the high prices publishers are charging them to download their favorite book on their reading device. There is no need to cover the cost of printing so why the spike in prices?

Did consumers forget it takes more than printing to create a bestseller? You have the editors, designers, assistants, marketers and salespeople too; how are they suppose to get paid? Hell if they didn’t exist your work would be garbage (some have all of those resources and still produce a lackluster product). Selling that novel for 99 cents may be great for beginning authors but what about the seasoned ones? That dollar can add up but I would assume after giving everyone their cut that leaves the actual writer with damn near nothing.

I don’t see the problem with the Big Six charging hella high prices. If you as a consumer don’t like it don’t buy the eBook. No one is putting a gun to your head. I might be wrong with my opinion but I highly doubt it.

Peace and luv!


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