Blogging While Brown

Blogging While Brown 2010

Blogging While Brown (Photo credit: adria.richards)

Everybody has a blog, yes but a little over a year ago I started to really recognize how many people like me had blogs. The deeper I looked the more I found. It is like a secret society with us (ok maybe that’s too much but you get the picture) and I luv it! Conferences geared for us are popping up as well. Last year I wanted to attend this event because I saw a lot of potential networking opportunities but like this year I am unable to attend due to some situations but who knows since I’m speaking it into existence maybe something will pop off and I can go. In the meantime here is a little bit of what is to come at the Blogging While Brown Conference for you.

It will go down June 1st and 2nd (my birthday month) in the city of brotherly love Philly, Philly. The goal is to recognize the powerful moves black bloggers are making in their communities as well as in the social media world. I’ m not quite there yet with my own writing blog so I don’t feel confident enough to say I’m making that much of an impact right now – baby steps I guess.

Anywho…the list of quest speakers is enormous. Please check out for the complete list and what blogs these wonderful brown people have created and organizations they believe in. Here is a just a few to give you a taste:

  • Patrice Grell Yursik, creator of
  • Lovette ‘Luvvie’ Ajayi, creator of The Red PumpProject
  • Akoto Ofori-Atta, assistant at The Root
  • Erin Bailey creator of Scandalous Beauty blog
  • Wayne Bennett, founder of Field Negro
  • Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder of BlogHer
  • Toni Carey, health and fitness blogger
  • Aymer Jean Christian, creator of Televisual and Hacktivision
  • Kathryn Finney, creator of The Budget Fashionista
  • Darryl Frierson, creator of From Classy to Ashy and co-host of StraightOutta LoCash

Peace and luv!


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