Successful World Book Night

World Book Night

World Book Night (Photo credit: danbruell)

If you didn’t know Monday was World Book Night. If you did know did you participate? As usual I always catch ish when it’s too late, I would have loved to be apart of this.

World Book Night is where thousands of books are given away for free to people in prisons, shelters and small bookstores. Authors collectively waive their royalties in order to participate in this event.

This could not come at a perfect time considering illiteracy is on the rise here in the U.S. This year 500,000 books were given out in the U.S. and one million in the United Kingdom. This is a nonprofit organization so this would not be possible without these fine sponsors (I sound like a commercial don’t I?): American Booksellers Association, B&N, the American Library Association and Ingram Book Distributors. The reason Amazon is not included in this list is because Amazon is more about electronic books when this event wanted to focus more of physical books it was not because of any beef or harsh feelings. But nice job everyone who participated! See you next year! Hopefully I can then donate one of my novels as well.

Peace and luv!


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