A Genius Marketing Idea!

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Authors are the most creative people I promise you. Come to think of if we have to be in order to come up with the crazy ish we create in our novels. I mean who else can get mad at someone, envision doing something terrible to them but instead of acting it out we put it in our novels and no one will know the wiser?

Nowadays writers have to go that extra mile to get noticed in the plethora of writers that come onto the scene at what seems like every 2 seconds. Non-writers think all writers do is sit around write and poof the book is developed like magic overnight when really it is not that easy. One writer has found a way to use social media to create his next novel.

Willy Chyr has created a way for his fans to become a part of his novel The Collabowriters. Creative people like yourself can write a sentence (in 140 characters or less) submit it and let fans vote. If your sentence gets 5 likes it will be included in the novel. The story is about, go figure, the internet. Before you come up with some random sentence of the top of your dome though please read what has been done so far which has been around four paragraphs. I have no idea how long it will be but I think that this is a great idea. My only question is will the contributors get some kind of compensation for it? Anywho hop on over to Twitter and follow the author @willchyr. And while you’re there follow me too if you haven’t done so @diamondp79, what’s taking you so long?

Peace and luv!


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