Hill Harper’s Wealth Cure

Hill Harper at Left Bank Books in St. Louis si...

Hill Harper at Left Bank Books in St. Louis signing his book, Letters to a Young Brother. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This brotha is extremely intelligent, talented oh and it doesn’t hurt that he is super sexy. I’m talking about Mr. CSI Hill Harper. You know him from not only the hit CBS show but also from his inspiring books he has written these past few years. Books that touch on how boys turn into men, little girls becoming women, dealing with our fears alongside him on why we don’t commit and his most recent work how to get financial freedom. The Wealth Cure was conceived during his unfortunate diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Hill thought that the same steps the doctors used to help in the treatment of his cancer would also work for people to have financial freedom in their personal lives. Diagnosis, getting a treatment plan together, compliance to go along with that plan, maintenance and thriving are the five steps he uses in The Wealth Cure.

I love this because looking back in my own life growing up I wasn’t taught about saving, investing, 401K, debt, saving for a rainy day, credit scores and how to get out of debt. As an adult I have terrible spending habits; I’m 32 I take full responsible for my actions after turning an adult but I could have saved myself this burden if I had the resources I needed after I grew up. A lot of black families have this problem and that tradition needs to be broken. Money controls people when it should be us running it.

Hill Harper explains in an interview that there is a such thing as smart money which is having money before you lay down to sleep and upon waking up that money has doubled its worth (a.k.a. flippin that shit). Dumb money is when the money you had going to bed is worth nothing when you wake up the next morning. Your goal is to get from that dumb money stage to the smart money stage.

Hill Harper also have the Manifest Your Destiny as if he didn’t have enough on his plate as it is. His foundation provides academic programming, college access skills and personal development exercises to underserved youths.

I’m digging what this sexy man is doing for our community. It definitely makes me want to get out and do better. Check out the site to his foundation www.manifestyourdestiny.org and make a difference.

Peace and luv!


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