I Told Essence…

I am not the type of person that spares feelings. There is no filters with me whatsoever. Why should anyone have one anyway? Now that I warned you let me say something that I knew I was going to say when I heard this bizarre employment move. Ready?

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! I told you! Don’t you look down right stupid Essence!

Yeah Essence is now pulling their foot out of their mouths. Essence is suppose to be a publication geared for blacks, especially black women. When it first came out they wanted to place normal everyday movers and shakers on their cover. I don’t remember in my lifetime ever seeing a non-celebrity on the cover. Within the last year Essence has hired two white employees to ‘better’ their brand. Question tho, what do a white person know about black issues? I don’t care how many black friends they may have or dated they will never understand the thought process of being black, the eternal struggle of being black, our mentalities, none of that. It’s like me writing a book about being in the KKK. But Essence had convinced themselves that this was the new millennium and change must come so during a meeting someone said, ‘Hey, lets hire a white person because they will be able to save us cause I don’t believe in our people enough to give us the numbers we want!’

So here comes along Michael Bullerdick (the last name should have given them a hint something was not right about this man). A few not so polite comments off his personal Facebook page got to a journalist’s website and being a good Samaritan the person emailed the editor in chief at Essence. Before I give you her nice little politically correct answer here’s the subjects that doesn’t fit with what Essence represent.

Mr. Bullerdick called Al Sharpton a ‘race pimp’ (which I kind of agree with), he said President Obama is a ‘radical’, he has verbally attacked Attorney General Eric Holder and co-signs with the same views as the late Andrew Breitbart.


Constance White the editor in chief swooped down to save face by releasing this sweet bubble gum response,

As editor in chief I’m responsible for all editorial content for Essence. I hired Michael to manage the production schedule of Essence. As head of production he does not attend editorial idea meetings nor does he get involved in the editorial direction of the magazine.

Ok Ms White how in the hell do you expect us to believe that? And whatever position you hired him in it doesn’t excuse the fact that he made those disrespectful comments; I don’t give a damn if it was on his personal Facebook page. I’m for sure he didn’t wake up one morning talking out of the side of his neck. All you had to do was check his Facebook page like everyone else do. Checking a Facebook should not be the main reason not to hire or hire a person but wouldn’t you like to know how that person is outside of work and see if their views will match with your brand? Checking would have saved them this current embarrassment. Now you are walking around with your bottom lip dragging on the ground creating sparks.

One more thing Michael Bullerdick was hired to be an editor, that is what they said when they hired him, if he didn’t participate in the editorial idea meetings, didn’t have a say in the editorial direction or manage production then why did you hire him? Somebody is in serious denial.

My respect level for Essence has lowered to a sliver. What is your side in this? Would a white person understand the stories written in this magazine? Or do you care? If the magazine was not specifically for us I wouldn’t be having a problem.

Peace and luv!


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