Small Size With Big Bookstore Feel

Large bookstores seem to be closing their physical stores left and right however smaller scale bookstores are maintaining. Obviously the large corporations should be taking notes on how to be successful and having a long lasting career.

Visible Voice Books, located in Cleveland opened back in 2007. It’s a independent bookstore that sells new and used books, if something you want is not available they will order it. Events such as author book signings and open mic are a regular thing there.

Support your local bookstores (large or small). The majority of businesses are small but their impact in communities are huge. Smaller bookstores are more personable, workers can build a repertoire with its customers, less time waiting, not so overwhelming as large bookstores. I swear sometimes I feel like I’m in a mall. So if you’re in the Cleveland check out Visible Voice Books at 1023 Kenilworth.

Peace and luv!


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