Too Soon?

BeBe Winans

When is it the right time for a book about a deceased celebrity be published? Earlier this year the world lost one of the most prolific artist of our time. It was put out that a good friend of Ms Houston will be writing a book on his relationship with the songstress. BeBe Winans’ speech during her funeral definitely was moving and genuine. They met 26 years ago and have been close ever since. He said he has many great memories with Ms. Houston that he would love to share with the world.

I personally do not think BeBe Winans should write this memoir. Just from his eulogy I do not believe that if he writes it his intentions will be malicious however I feel that his beautiful memories of Whitney Houston should remain that – just memories. I get that he may want Whitney to be remembered in a positive light instead of what everyone else visualize her to have been (an addict) but even if he writes this book there is a strong possibility that the media will take a snippet of something innocent and twist it to something negative for entertainment purposes. Whitney Houston has been dragged thru the mud enough even before her body was buried.

Maybe this is his way of healing since everyone grieves differently but wouldn’t you wanna hold onto those sacred moments for yourself? The release date has not been set nor the name of the memoir, we’ll see what happens.

Peace and luv!


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