The Award Goes To Who?!

Beyonce VMA Red Carpet

Where is Kanye when you need him?

I love Beyonce I love her work ethic, I love how she hustles and has built a brand around herself. I really love that in the world of black women being categorized in negative lights so freely Beyonce has always kept it classy; I appreciate her for that. However a recent award has been given to her that has me saying ‘huh?’

Last year Beyonce wrote an article for Essence about her vacation (the meaning, what she saw, what she learned etc). Last week Beyonce received an award from the New York Association of Black Journalists for her ‘Eat, Play, Love’ article and it’s sparking some controversy as everything else this beautiful sista does. This time I have to agree with the naysayers.

I am a writer (duh right?) I have a literary blog (this one), I also write blog posts for this hot site called Urban Image Magazine, and I’ve self published a novel called White Lies. I’ve been writing for as long as my memory can go back. I didn’t break out my writing history to be arrogant, my point is even tho I’ve written posts for multiple sites I don’t consider myself a journalist. Being a journalist takes a certain talent and a person cannot receive that talent or title off of one article. I respect a journalist. I can’t write about any old topics nor can I hop on a plane and go to a third world country in the middle of a terror zone to report on a dangerous story unfolding and I really can’t separate my two cents from an article or interview. I’m a passionate person so my emotions drives whatever I write about which I am fine with that.

If I were a journalist I would be offended that an award is given to a person who never have or will ever become a journalist or at least take the steps to better that craft. I cringe when I tell people I’m a writer and they give me that screwface as if to say ‘No fa real what do you really do?’ or ‘Hell anybody can write!’ Don’t insult my intelligence boo everybody cannot do what I do! Some try and most fail.

I can’t blame Bey for this since obviously she didn’t give herself the award but I do blame the NY Association of Black Journalists. A ‘real’ Black journalist who have studied their craft should be recognized. Stop putting these celebrities on such high pedestals and worshiping every move they make. They sneeze and people want to give them a Pulitzer for it. I honestly think the association should reconsider this one, what is this even telling future journalists?

Peace and luv!


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