A Girl’s Entitled to Change Her Mind…Right?

I change my mind about a lot of things but I’m a woman so sue me. In December I started an erotic tale called Sexhibition. It originally was just supposed to be a short story for an erotic series an author from the ATL wanted to put together but he changed his mind (it’s cool, we didn’t have a contract and he got super busy promoting his debut novels). I decided to put it out myself so I started doing revisions. I also had a plan to have a freaky contest and all of this was supposed to be done by Valentine’s Day. The prize was suppose to be a basket full of sex toys for the first person to find everything I request off the internet. Yeah I had big plans for this release. The longer I stalled on the project the more unmotivated I became. I then asked myself – do I really want this to be my breakout novel?

Technically I already published a thriller over a year ago but I did not know what the hell I was doing and the sales showed it. But that is not the reason why I’ve decided Sexhibition will not be a good project to debut. Not all, but a great majority of African American authors coming out either fall in the category of street lit or erotica. I started in street lit only because it was outside my window not to fit in. They were genuine, unedited raw tales. Now it’s as if that is all we are allowed to write about. I mean how many ways can we talk about sex and street games? Last time I checked I had a lot more problems than that.

So I’ve strapped up my boots, swallowed my pride and put Sexhibition aside. Don’t get it twisted I will have an imprint just for erotic novels when I start my publishing company but for right now I need to rearrange my mentality and my priorities. Black writers can do a hell of a lot more than those two subjects. Anyway I found some great eBooks to inhale to get better at editing, writing, etc. They have broken down how to make an outline for new projects that is really helping me because I would always go into my new novels blindly then figure everything out later only to have my work look like a hot mess – no organization, no real plot, terrible characters, etc.

When I learn something that will be valuable to you and I already have I will bring it to you in future posts. As far as my new novel, it’s called Dear Daddy and that is all I’m going to tell you. I will document each step I’ve accomplished so you will know where I’m at. When you tell people what you are working on and tell them your goals it is very hard not to finish it out for fear your fans are going to claim that you are crying wolf and talking a whole bunch of nothing. Just make sure you let me know what you’re working on too or if you have any questions or need some motivation; trust me you will have those moments.

Peace and luv!


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