Help End Illiteracy

A collection of pictograms. Three of them used...

A collection of pictograms. Three of them used by the United States National Park Service. A package containing those three and all NPS symbols is available at the Open Icon Library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a true shame that we in the United States have such a massive problem with our children reading below grade level or not reading at all. With all of the gidgets and gadgets invented daily they are getting dumber by the year. China has surpassed us statistically. But we are the land of opportunity right? Yeah, the opportunity to fail.

Book Share is one of the many programs that is determined to give everyone with disabilities an opportunity to read books. Book Share has over 140,000 digital books, textbooks and periodicals. It has a massive collection of resources for not only students with disabilities but teachers and publishers. This organization’s mission is to ensure all individuals with print disabilities have equal and timely access to print materials.

Books that are downloaded go thru an encrypted file so that whatever program the person is using can operate; a recorder reads the words to the disabled person or the words are displayed as text on a screen or some kind of Braille device.

Go online to and watch some of the video testimonials from members as well as participating organizations. If you are moved enough to help you can easily donate your time and/or money then visit the site as well. Maybe you want to partner with them and create something locally ask them if they would like to collaborate. Anything helps organizations such as this. Don’t ever think you can’t make a difference.

Peace and luv!


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