Your Character’s Name

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algorithms doodle (Photo credit: Shreyans Bhansali)

How do you name your characters for your novels? Do you pick out some random name then marinate on it for a minute? Or do you create a character’s profile and then name them according to their personality? There is no wrong or right way to the naming process really.

Me, I try to figure a name before doing the character profiling process. It just doesn’t seem right to start a story without a name. Who am I going to write down, Jane Doe? Except this time around for my new novel Dear Daddy I used my character’s situation to sway me to a fitting name; I didn’t feel any different when I did it that way.

Lets see some advantages to creating a character before you start the profile or story:

  1. The pressure to name is eliminated so you can focus solely on the writing, plot, etc.
  2. You can mold the character by the name.

Advantages to do it after the character profiling:

  1. The name will be more personable and means something deeper making the storyline more deeper and realistic
  2. It will be easier to figure out a name

As I’ve said earlier there is no right or wrong way to naming the character or when to name the characters (obviously do it before it hits the stores tho, just sayin). Have fun with it, it’s like when you’re expecting a baby some name it before it’s born and some name it after. It’s ok if you wanna change it down the line. It’s not set in stone or anything.

What are your methods of naming your characters that you would love to share with me and other fellow writers?

Peace and luv!


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