A Simple Outline Technique For Beginners

Writer's Stop

Writer’s Stop (Photo credit: Stephh922)

Lets be real, I hate outlining. It’s time consuming to me but for my new project called Dear Daddy I’m making myself do one. Now I am asking myself why the hell I haven’t done this sooner. To other writers that have the same problem I give you this bit of advice – do one! Trust me you will thank me later. If the thought of doing one sends you into a panic mode here is one trick you can do.

Break the outline down piece by piece. As I’ve said outlining can be overwhelming. Instead of writing a detailed one do it in increments. For example try doing the first five chapters then stop. Many times a writer will make changes to the story before it’s finished. Outlining will take away the massive pressure of completing an outline just as long as the novel itself.

As you write the five chapters the wheels in your head will become more loose and your creative juices will flow. You will have a better feel for what’s to come.

Something else that might work and that is start with outlining the last chapter. Many writers has a serious problem with ending a novel. It’s scary; the idea of finishing it because it means you have to start editing promoting, sending queries and everything. But if you create your ending then the anxiety of finishing will go away. I don’t start a new project if I don’t know how it ends anyway. If I can’t come up with an ending then I know the book won’t be interesting to me. You have to know where you’re going. Gimme your best outline tips.

Peace and luv!


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