Better World Books

Better World Books book drive box

Better World Books book drive box (Photo credit: carmichaellibrary)

Who said one person can’t impact a society. It took some caring young men to see the illiteracy problem all over and feel compelled enough to do something about it by creating Better World Books.

It’s sad because I see so many kids in my neighborhood who can recite a Waka Flocka joint word for word but put a book in front of them and they can’t read a lick. Doesn’t that bother everybody? Did we become that desensitized?

These dudes went farther than what I have done which was ask how they can change this problem. They didn’t wait around for the government to fix the problem they put a hand in it themselves. That is where BWB comes in. BWB sells new and used books online then donates the money to literacy programs all over. Get this, their core values are:

  • we luv books
  • flabbergast our customers
  • invest well, waste not
  • lead the movement
  • speak through action
  • be passionate
  • pursue growth and learning
  • be genuine
  • embrace change
  • respect our team

That really should be everyone’s values in all they do. So far BWB has raised well over 7.6 million dollars for their nonprofit literacy partners (Room For Africa, Worldfund and National Center for Family Literacy),over 2300 college campuses have helped with collecting new and used books. 58 million books have turned into 10.4 million dollars assisting numerous literacy programs! The concept is simple with every book purchase from the site BWB donates one book to a person in need with free shipping. There are drop boxes but only in the states of Indiana and Georgia. If you can’t get to one then you can request for them to send you a paid mailing label to ship the donating books to them. To get a quote simply go no their website and thre is a form to fill out the ISBN numbers.

Another option is to become an affiliate thru your site or blog and help end illiteracy. Every sale you refer you receive 5-8%. All you need to do is fill out the application to get the start process rolling.

One more thing there is a LEAP program (Literacy and Education in Action Program) that also raises money for nonprofit organizations and libraries. So my to you is question how will you help today?

Peace and luv!


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