Indie Books In Conglomerate Bookstores

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I live to see my books in the front of bookstores. To see my name across the cover well that’s priceless. I’m going a different route than traditional publishing, I want to join the self publishing wave. With that decision comes a few problems one being how in the hell do I get into my city’s bookstores. Several years ago it was difficult for self publishers to get in the door let alone in the front of the bookstore.

Not all but quite a few bookstores have step by step kits for self publishers to get into the stores. They made it so self publishers do not have to do some elaborate scheme in order to win the store’s attention. Set stipulations (contracts) are put into place. I highly recommend you either go into your local bookstore and ask if they allow self published books and if they do how does it work. Never do you want to be hardheaded or cocky and put twists to what they require; that’s a guaranteed ‘decline’ and a ruined future business-ship. Remember they are doing you a favor not the other way around.

Everyone is familiar with Barnes & Nobles so I checked out their website to see what they require:

Collect your finished book (not the manuscript) along with your marketing/promotional plans, trade reviews, and a note telling B&N how your book will meet the competition in their stores and send it all to:

The Small Press Department

Barnes and Noble

122 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10011

To schedule author events in a Barnes and Noble contact the community relations manager. Questions that you need to have in the forefront of your mind are:

-does the book have an ISBN

-does it have a bar code?

-what kind of binding will you use?

-is it available thru a wholesaler?

-is the price competitive?

-has the book met compliance certification?

-why should B&N place your book on their shelves?

Please don’t go into this half steppin’ you will only get met with ‘are you kidding me?’ stares. Keep ish simple and most of all professional.

Peace and luv!


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