Creative Ways to Promote Your Erotic Novel

English: The glowing red neon sign spells out ...

English: The glowing red neon sign spells out the word “Sex Shop” in the window of a Soho establishment in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have your hot erotic manuscript about to print up, now you are sitting at your desk going over your promoting schedule. Something is not right though, you are not feeling any of the ideas that one website advised you to try. What now? You can’t change it, those experts are supposed to be right, right? Isn’t that the reason they are getting paid the big bucks? I mean you have a lot of interviews, signings and all of that ish scheduled!

Ok calm down and pull your thongs out of your butt. You can always change up things (unless you copped an interview with Oprah or Good Morning America then don’t cancel, that’s a good look right there). Let me give you some suggestions on doing creative things to promote that sizzling novel of yours. Now if you are uncomfortable with an idea don’t do it but since we are talking about erotica I’m thinking that you are down to do and try pretty much anything. Anyway, they are not too bad; nothing to have your mama blushing about…I think.

Run A Contest. Who doesn’t like contests? You get free ish! When I finished my erotic novel ‘Sexhibition’ I had planned on running a contest where people had to search for different things online and whoever came up with all the right answers would win a free copy of the book and a basket full of freaky ass ish. I’m pausing on the release of that for personal reasons but running a contest is a great way to get a buzz going.

Do A Book-signing In A Sex Store. The freaks come out at night! Trust me they do; they may be a little hesitant to walk up in the sex shop trying hard to pretend like they never been up in there. Let them think that but by the end of the signing they might be in a corner somewhere with a PAID copy of your book and a plastic bag full of toys, lotions, and dildos!

Have A Sex Party At Home. Ok so if you are not quite there yet with doing a book-signing in a sex shop with handcuffs and whips around you try throwing a sex party at your house. You gotta know someone who sells those freaky, deaky oils and powders. When it’s time to order the toys pull out your book and start taking orders right along with the sexologist. Make sure you run the peoples’ credit card number and it approves before they step out of that party. If you go solely by word then I guarantee you when your book come out no one will be around. I learned that with my first novel White Lies. Lesson learned.

Add Mystique, Use Another Name When Promoting Book. How is this going to promote my ish Ms Talia? Remember when Ester Dean came out with ‘Drop It Low’? She did not put one pic up of herself or did interviews until after her video debut (I know this because I kept Googling the girl and nothing came up). That not knowing who she is or what she looks like made you want to buy her album or rock it in your car. So say you have an alias and you set up social media accounts with that name, no pics; people are going to be talking about your debut, what you look like, or why this book is so popular before it even comes out.

You don’t always have to do the traditional route when you’re promoting your novel. Think outside the box. If you notice writers who did something slightly outside the norm got noticed more even when their ish sucked. Don’t think you’re done after writing the novel; that is the easiest part, you still have some hustlin’ and grindin’ to do until those nice checks come rollin’ in.

Peace and luv!


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