One Size Fits All Marketing Plan?

This blueprint of what La Belle would have loo...

This blueprint of what La Belle would have looked like was created in the 20th century, after excavation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there one concrete blueprint that every author should follow in order to promote their novel? My pet peeve is when I find a writing blog or website and immediately is bombarded with pop up boxes advertising about a book that will give us monstrous results and sales. Then they have the audacity to charge for the garbage info! It’s like those damn infomercials playing at four o’clock in the morning, you know the ones! If I stay on the site all I get is more fake ass offers on their site but nothing else. No sign of their creative talent (free creative talent), nothing. I don’t even know the person, are they even legit writers?!

Look, to all beginning writers or anyone wanting to get into the writing game let me save you some time and money….you listening! Ok….there is no one size fits all promoting, marketing, how to writer well, or any other stuff like that. Every novel and writer is different. Just because you heard on author get millions off of promoting just on Facebook doesn’t mean you will get the same result. It is one option but take advantage of all outlets or try this….get creative! Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing, a writer is an artist right? We think of creative ish all of the time.

So put away that credit card and save it for your budget for getting published. If you want ideas on any step in your publishing journey go to your local library and loan out books for free.

Peace and luv!


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