6 Reasons Editors Reject Manuscripts According to Chuck Sambuchino

  1. Lame start.
  2. Errors of ignorance (using words with meanings even your ass don’t understand).
  3. Overly long proposals and manuscripts.
  4. Marketing, publicity and sales ideas
  5. The hard sell (don’t tell editors how great your book is).

Ok I know Chuck Sambuchino have been an acquisitions editor for Random House, Workman and HarperCollins publishing houses but some of these reasons I’m not getting. In the past when I would submit manuscripts some publishing houses requested that you send a marketing package especially if they knew the person submitting was a new author; they wanted to make sure if the writer is tough enough to handle this career or are they going to be a one book wonder.

With number two I agree to a certain extent. I think in order to grow you have to always keep your mind open to new styles, words, etc. Use new vocab just in moderation. Don’t reinvent your manuscript with all this scholarly lingo unless you like getting rid of readers. Trust me, readers can smell fakeness from the first sentence. Who wants to read a book that they have to have a dictionary next to them to complete the damn thing anyway?

The Hard Sell. In order to persuade an editor or publisher you have to make them believe your manuscript is going to be the next big thing right? So now you don’t hype the novel up? I don’t get it?

I swear this publishing thing is frustrating, confusing, and a big headache. In order to succeed you definitely need a thick skin and a true passion to get published. Know what to weed out, take what will help you and keep it moving.

Peace and luv!


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