5 Lessons For Writers


BEA (Photo credit: twicepix)

Even though these five lessons were geared for YA authors it can easily be applied to any genre. Recently at the BEA a panel of marketing directors, managers and PRs came up with these 5 pieces of advice. If you are a writer share with your writer friends and remember them for yourself as you gear up to promote that bestseller you just created or want to create. Thanks Mediabistro for posting this!

  1. Get social media training! Unless you have been living under a rock you have to know the impact social media websites have. Don’t set up all of the accounts though and not follow up with a plan to participate and network on the site. Use them wisely.
  2. An in-person book tour is no longer enough. Get some authors together and do a book signing tour or a virtual book tour. This helps with people like me who fear standing in front of large crowds. At least if you do a group tour you wouldn’t be alone.
  3. Word of mouth never grows old! Having mouthy friends can help you out with this one, lol. But not only your friends can spread the word but yourself as well. Be proud of your work when you explain what you do to a total stranger. If you are blase about it they are not going to want to read it. If they have an iPad or smartphone on them (which who doesn’t) they could buy it and download it before you even walk away! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Or you can be talking to a publisher who may sign you to their publishing house. The possibilities are endless.
  4. Pre-publication buzz can be crucial; partner will indie bookstores to coordinate small events prior to release date. This is where you need to have a plan worked out instead of going at it freestyling it. I can’t stand making lists of what I need to do but I do know that in order to succeed in marketing and creating a buzz for my work I need to have a plan so I don’t run around like a chicken with its head cut off. I could (and you too) increase my book sales with just this step alone even before my book debut.
  5. Remember who you are trying to market to. DO NOT go to an erotic writing community trying to promote a YA novel; that is not going to work. Yes they are writers and they have the capability to review your book but they are not equipped to do it nor do they want to so always have the group of who you are marketing to in the forefront of your mind.

I honestly do wish the best of luck to you with your writing. How do you like the advice? Did they miss anything?

Peace and luv!


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