Bitter Reviewers

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Don’t let the little ones read this post, actually don’t let them read any of the ish I write, lol, especially not this one.

Over the weekend I read this article from called Reasons Why We Reviewers Won’t Read Your Self Published Work. I’m not going to give you all of their ridiculous reasons but I will give you 3 of the ones that got lil ol’ me all worked up. Wanna talk about…ok here we go…

  1. We don’t know who you are! Do I even know who you are? I mean you are just a reviewer who sits around reading books all day so what makes you so damn special?
  2. We know you’re not going to generate hits. WTF! How do you know? Do you have some insider’s trade secrets on my success or something? Have you NOT checked sales for self published writers? Just sayin, you might wanna check those numbers out.
  3. We know it’s going to be rubbish. Again is there some secret you’re not telling me? Or I got it, you’re bitter because you’ve gotten so many rejection letters you had to resort to being a book reviewer. Poor thing, I feel sorry for you. With that being said, let me see your credentials!

Authors, whether new or seasoned, had to start somewhere. With all of the options for self publishers to produce quality work none of their whack reasons apply anymore. Basically what they are doing is slapping me and other self publishers in the face telling us to give it up now while we are ahead because we are not going to gain any success doing it on our own. Watch me! My last point then I’m out of here is I have read so many terrible novels published through traditional publishers it’s ridiculous! What do you have to say to that Mr./Mrs. Bitter Reviewers?

Peace and luv!


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