“I just wanna be successful…”

Interviews (album)

Interviews (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a slight problem – I am scared of succeeding. I know that sounds stupid as hell but it’s true. I’ve always pictured myself as successful but now I am fearful of succeeding and then the aftermath of that. When I do think about it I freak out. Can anybody help a sista out?

How do I act at booksigning, tv or radio interviews? I despise standing (or sitting) in front of large crowds. I despise interviews and the nosy asses that ask irrelevant questions. I have a bad attitude; this attitude alone can hurt my writing career if I start spazing out on interviewers. I can’t afford a PR person so what do I do?

Critics.Being that I am a Gemini I get emotional quick. Not necessarily crying emotional but I can easily let my emotions show real quick. I suck at having a poker face. So what happens when I have someone criticize my work in person? I spaz – again. Can’t I just stay behind the scenes?

Change. You know people change once they get a little fame in their life and not always for the best. How do I hold onto me?

Responsibility. Can I handle the responsibility of producing novels, running the business and creating my whole brand?

I know these worries have paralyzed me to push myself but this is my life, I need to get over it asap! Suggestions anyone? I should just get over it huh?

Peace and luv!


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