The American Black Film Festival

"Beasts of the Southern Wild" Wins t...

“Beasts of the Southern Wild” Wins the Cinematography Prize (Photo credit: PunkToad)

What’s hot right now in black films? A lot and you can witness them at the American Black Film Festival next week on the 20th thru the 23rd in sunny Miami. This festival will focus on narratives, documentaries and short films with panel discussions, workshops and symposiums. On opening night the film Beasts of the Southern Wild will show kicking things off. Films will be played every hour.


Has it been your dream to produce an indie film? Here’s a few competitions to motivate you to get that ball rolling:

  • Nickelodeon Writers Script Review
  • The Star Project
  • GMCs Faith and Family Screenplay competition
  • 2012 Webisode Challenge

New Events/Competitions

Two years ago ABFF introduced the Pro Hollywood Initiative giving professional athletes a crash course in getting into the film business.

Last year the Television Network Faith and Family Screenplay Competition was offered for writers to get the chance to be discovered.

This year a mobile selection will be introduced for those who use their smartphones to produce short films.

On site registration will open on the first day at 9am at the Ritz Carleton – South Beach Hotel on the second floor however beware because tickets are limited at that time.

Peace and luv!


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