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Secret Society

Secret Society (Photo credit: Kenn Wilson)

Is the bestsellers list rigged? How does a writer get into the secret society known as the bestsellers list? I would have never referred to it as the ‘secret society’ until I did research for this post and barely got concrete info on the whole getting on the list question. The tidbit I did get was brief and general so what I am about to share is not the Bible but they are some contributors to getting on: it is not just about the sales. Peep this.

Word Of Mouth

You remember when you were in high school, you told a friend something and that friend told someone else and they told someone else then by the end of the school day everybody and their mama ending up knowing about your business? Think of letting people know about your novel coming out the same way. I’ve learned that creating a buzz needs to start before that novel is about to ship off to bookstores. Not too early tho, you don’t want the excitement to fizzle. I’ve read somewhere you should start promoting as soon as the idea of a novel is conceived but what if you’re one of those writers who take years to finish a manuscript? Be smart about it; I say start once you get a release date. Either way good ole fashion word of mouth is still a great way to get on a bestsellers list. Make sure you go to your readers and not writers; we’re too self absorbed to read anyone else work.

An Author’s Reputation

A great reputation can get into any bestsellers list. Look at Zane, or Stephen King; their name alone has enough clout to get pre-orders before their novels hit the stores! Is that fair? No, because everyone has bad novels every once in awhile and basing sales just off a name kind sucks for newbies like me however that’s why it’s important to establish a platform as much as you can for that novel you are pushing out. The bigger the platform the higher your chances are at getting on that list.

Season Consistencies

I never thought about this one but when a writer publishes during a particular season consistently that helps get on the list. Only reason I can see how this would get them on a list is because no one good publishes around that time but the consistent season writer. Your opinion?

Once an author gets on the list then their ranking is based on the weekly sales.

My question to you is do you purchase a book solely on their rank on the bestsellers list? Me personally, no. I look at it the same way I look at movies; whenever a review comes out and is getting rave reviews I know I will hate the movie and vice versa. But some die hard readers will never acknowledge a novel not on the top 5 list. I do know with all these celebrities and seasoned writers it is hard for new writers such as myself to get the due recognition. But I have faith in myself to know I will end up on that list, you just watch.

Speaking of lists see who is hot on the Indie Nest List:

  • Equal of the Sun written by Anita Amirrezani
  • The Green Shore written by Natalie Bakopoulos
  • Wallflowers In Bloom written by Claire Cook
  • Istanbul Passage written by Joseph Kanon

Peace and luv!


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