What’s In A Name?

Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone can publish a book these days. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. Some would say that is the reason why these situations happen; I think the reason is something else which I’ll tell you after the jumpoff.

You know Nora Roberts right? The very well known writer? Well recently she became the victim of name stealing. A wanna-be writer is using the name Nora A Roberts to sell novels. It is even on the B&N’s bestsellers list! Tweeters who purchased the book began to realize that maybe this was not the real deal Hollyfield and they realized the name on the novel has a middle initial and that was when shit hit the fan! The whole incident got back to the real Nora Roberts and the seasoned writer had this to say,

I’ll state what’s in my name. Over 3 decades of hard work, of writing, of building an audience, of experience. All mine. And absolutely no one has the right to use my name with an added middle initial – to try to cash in on it.”

Well POW!

Crazy thing is when they changed the writer’s name to save face (they meaning the publisher) the alternative is the name of another bestselling writer! Seeing the name similarity didn’t raise red flags from jump?

Back to who is to blame. I think it’s the damn fan fiction! We have these common folk thinking it is cool to restructure their favorite book into how they like it then posting it on the internet or going a step farther and passing it off as their original work. It’s sick if you think about it.

If your name is similar to an already famous writer then 1) prepare to get flack for attempting to use that name to increase your popularity and book sales even if that is not your intention or 2) publish under an alias. Sucks I know but it’s better than the drama of being called a fake. But again I think the acceptance of this fan fiction (ahh-hm 50 Shades of Gray) is fucking it up for writers who have worked their asses off to get a top spot.

Do you have a similar name to a famous author and still published under that name? How do you feel about fan fiction?

Peace and luv!


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