99 Problems and Stealing Is One….Hit Me!

English: Jay-Z

English: Jay-Z (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh the life of a mogul. Everyone is always trying to get something out of them. Jay Z has gotten slapped with a lawsuit for apparently stealing excerpts for his book he published back in 2010 – Decoded.

Patrick White created the lawsuit and wrote it all in pen and lined paper. Really? Handwritten? At least print it out from Kinkos to make it look professional! Mr. White claims his laptop was stolen then Decoded came out shortly after and he was shocked to see some of his work in the book. He said, “The book contains various expressions/colors/phrases which correlates to my work.”

We don’t believe you, you need more people!

I’m really trying to figure out why would Jay have to rob someone who has no importance to him? Jay probably hasn’t heard of this man’s name before this incident. Unless…the co-author could have been apart of it all. When trying to be reached the co-writer had no comment. Figures. They probably won’t; this will die down just like everything else.

Peace and luv!


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