Why You May Not Be a Bestseller

Recently Jonathan Gunson posted some good advice on why your work will not be on any bestsellers list any time soon. I’m just the messenger so don’t kill me: his three reasons are not Bible however I will co-sign with them. I will let you read his three reasons and then I’ll put my two cents after.

  1. Picking a fiction genre because you think there’s money in it
  2. Failing to write for a specific genre and
  3. You aren’t truly committed to being an author.

I have a problem with following other people simply because what they are doing is considered cool. This goes for writing too. I’ve read I don’t know how many times that newbies should write on a genre that is selling like hot cakes. Of course I disagree with that theory. Let me use street lit for an example. Since street lit has become popular, people out of the woodwork have taken it upon themselves to whip up a story. Problem with that is how does an author get readers if the story is the same? You can easily get swallowed in the mix. Just because that genre is hot now doesn’t mean you will be successful in it. Be a leader not a follower.

If you are dealing with comedy, make sure you stick to that genre. You can’t start out in comedy and end up with a horror novel. You will confuse the hell out of yourself and readers. You can’t make new genres at your whim.

I always say writing is in my blood, hell the ink is my blood. This is my purpose I have no doubts. Do you feel like that when you are writing? If not you’re in the wrong profession.

Peace and luv!


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