Is It Worth It?

Kickstarter. In case you’re not sure of what it is or do Kickstarter is a website that people who need projects funded can create a campaign to hopefully attract some gracious people to fund that project. People from artists, movie directors and the like have turned to Kickstarter to hopefully get projects funded. How many publishing projects have been funded? According to Kickstarter’s findings less than 32% of publishing projects get funded. Over 7,000 projects never got a single pledge. Wow, 7,000? Well if you think about it how many actually create campaigns daily, I’m for sure a hell of a lot more than 7 gs. Seven projects have raised well over one million. Actually $215 million have been pledged to successfully fund projects and 63% of theatre projects have been successfully funded.

Don’t scrap that project just yet, these numbers just mean before you get a campaign going make sure you have a legit plan for getting some big dawgs to fund your project. Start inquiring and getting people geeked before the fundraising begin, if what you are presenting to people as a teaser is getting lukewarm responses tweek some ish. Offer incentives for giving money to your cause.

The great thing about Kickstarter is if by the deadline

kickstarter logo

you have not reached the financial goal then it goes back to the funders. Which means you go back to the drawing board; however too many unsuccessful campaigns will damage your reputation to deliver so be careful. Have any of you done anything thru Kickstarter? Let me know how you did.

Peace and luv!


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