What About That Nonfiction Proposal?

I remember declaring that I would never write a non-fiction book. But for the last year and a half I’ve had an itch to create a non fiction book for us ladies.

With a non fiction book tho is there a difference when writing a proposal than fiction? Hell yeah! With both you have to know what you’re talking about but with non fiction you really have to know what the hell you are writing about. How can you land a bomb ass non fiction proposal? Let Writer’s Digest tell you.

Hook – people have the attention span of a net so hook the receiver quick or the slush pile you go!

Market Overview – this is not the time to brag about your book being the ish. It’s called humility people! Just tell who your target audience is and prove why it’s needed.

Author bio – let them know what your expertise is as well as your platform.

Competitive Analysis – list resources that already target that market.

Marketing Plan – this is the most important part; talk about what you will hustle to do today not sell some

Fiction Stacks

Fiction Stacks (Photo credit: chelmsfordpubliclibrary)

pipe dreams. Instead of ‘I plan to register a domain and start a blog for my book’ put ‘Within 3 months of launch my blog on ______ already attracts 5000 visits per month.

Outline – write short descriptions for every chapter

Sample Chapter

Putting it all together – this is a overview of the topic

Good luck with it and don’t pull your hair trying to write it.

Peace and luv!


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