5 Common Writing Mistakes That Annoy Readers and Editors

Any chance I get to give my readers some info on how to write better I take it. Hell I’m learning together with you especially with this.

It is rare that an established editor shares some juicy tips and warnings to help us little writers so listen up and take notes; when I read these 5 pet peeves I realized something, my special behind do all of them, a little too freely actually. Kristen Lamb posted on her blog the things that you need to look out for in your writing.

  • if your novel has more characters than the cast of Ben Hur you need revision – only name the characters that mean something to your story
  • if your novel dumps readers right into major action you might need revision – learn narrative structure
  • painful and alien movement of body parts – make sure your character keeps body parts attached. don’t say ‘Her eyes flew to the other end of the restaurant.’
  • too much physiology – i.e. ‘her heart pounded’. ease up on physiology; get Emotion Thesaurus by Becca Puglisi
  • info dump – stop putting massive details in clumps in the novel

Hope this helps.

Peace and luv!


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