And Another One…

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get ready dolls! Some more Kardashians (well technically Jenners) got the writing bug, guess who?

Yep Kendell and Kylie. No they are not writing some book about their fabulous life this will be a YA novel due around this time next year. There has not been a name stamped on it yet. It will be co-written by Maya Sloane and already they have a deal with Simon & Schuster (damn, how that happen?). Two teens getting a deal before it is done? I can see if it was a non-fiction but really? I guess I would take advantage if I had connects like that but I would work my ass off at least; not letting my mommy hook me up. Funny how celebrities call themselves writers but hire ‘co-authors’ to help. Really? The co-author would get the best deal out of it tho, if the book sells well then their next project with their name on it possibly will sell like hot cakes – key word ‘possibly’. Just play your cards right and stretch that 15 minutes of fame.

With the announcement of the youngest Jenner girls and their sudden interest in writing some people is not really feeling it. Novelist Lisa Janice Cohen tweeted this heartfelt response:

Why am I surprised — 2 youngest Kardashian sisters have a deal w/Simon & Schuster for a YA SF book. Can I jump out a window now?

Well damn, tell us how you really feel. I feel what she is sayin tho. It does seem like that family is doing too much right now. But I guess it’s hard out here for a pimp ain’t that right Kris?

Peace and luv!


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