Disappearing Ink

Have you heard of an idea or seen an invention that made you pause and say, ‘why the hell didn’t I think of that?’ I mean the idea is so simple it’s genius? This is that moment for me.

An Argentinian publisher came up with an idea to publish an anthology that is written in disappearing ink! No I’m serious, disappearing ink. Ink that literally goes away as you read it. So you have no choice but to read the book you paid all that money for. This is great for new writers because instead of the book being thrown on a dusty desk you actually, gasp, read it!

(Someone has taken Harry Potter too seriously…just sayin)

The book is sealed in plastic casing. Once it’s exposed to light and air it starts to disappear. My thing is when they print the books out do they do it in the dark? And what about the air? Luv the idea tho! Check the video here.

Peace and luv!


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