Create Powerful Imagery In Your Writing

To me I measure how great a book is by how lost in the story I become; also if I am thinking about the characters after finishing the book as though they were real people then the book did its job. So as an author how can you create that affect for your readers? My best friend (in my head) Writer’s Digest have given me some good tips that you can use today. I will be expecting my check in the mail for these awesome tips I’m about to give you. Here you go:

  1. Paint the image you are trying to portray in small bites. Never stop the story to describe something your readers don’t need to be confused.
  2. Incorporate images in action. For example She pointed at a looming hulk.
  3. See the story thru the character’s eyes and hear their surroundings thru their ears not as you the writer.
  4. Use the tiny but telling details, for exampleA spider’s web tugged at her face.
  5. Choose action bearing verbs such as cushioned, absorbed, etc.
  6. Choose action bearing nonverbs
  7. Invent fresh viewpoints. For example She climbed blindly.
  8. Create an image without saying so.A fresh breeze chilled her skin.

Go use these before they disappear in the many dark compartments in your head.

Peace and luv!


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