Writer’s Advance By LitChat

English: South Beach, Florida

English: South Beach, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a writing stump? Or maybe you just need to do some freshening on your craft well then pack your bags to hit up South Beach, Florida.

On September 16th (my son’s birthday just in case you wanted to know) thru the 19th at the Betsy Hotel LitChat will host its first Writer’s Advance conference. Days filled with information, tips and workshops for you to digest so good when you get back nothing but greatness will flow out of that brain of yours.

Each participant will get 2 sessions with a master instructor, writing time, 2 read and critique sessions, panel discussions and public reading series. The hotel will give participants coffee and tea breaks along with group dinners.

Now about that cost. You knew it was coming.

For the early bird tuition it is $250; you save yourself a hundred dollars from the price if you wait to pay at the door ($350). Between August 2nd thru September 15th the cost is $300.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again take advantage of events such as this; unfortunately I have not gone to any conferences due to lack of transportation and funds but that should not stop you from getting connected, networking and getting discovered. For those like me what can you do to network and rub elbows with some authors?

  • search online for free writing classes (yes they do exist)
  • carpool with a group (this may lower the pay as well)
  • go where the author’s are online; reading an author’s blog or website or subscribing to their newsletter can give you much insight on what you should expect and be doing.

Reserve your spot asap because there are only a few slots for this.

Peace and luv!



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