Writer’s Digest West Conference and Pitch Slam

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘It never rains in Southern California!’

Ok I am seriously aging myself right about now and that song has nothing to do with this post I just thought I’d share that line from a classic song with you.

Back to the topic at hand – Writer’s Digest. October 19th thru the 21st (are you marking your calendars yet? Let me give you a sec to do that…). Alright so on those days in sunny Hollywood, California in the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and Spa Writer’s Digest will host the West Conference. WD is such a great source for getting tips, critiques done, updates on workshops and conferences along with tutorial information. I highly recommend it if you haven’t been going to the site. Their conferences are the same just in person!

I know, I know you want to know the price. If you register before or on July 19th which is today you will only have to pay $845. For an individual full conference it’s $495, the Saturday only option is $375 and the whole kitten and caboodle will cost you $945. I suggest you register early. Go to the website to get the full scoop.

Another event to watch out for is the Pitch Slam. The concept is similar to speed dating. For 90 minutes a room full of agents will be at your disposal. Here’s the catch tho, you will only get three minutes with each one! The first 90 seconds will be spent describing your work and why it will be successful. The second set of 90 seconds will allow the agent to critique the pitch. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to get the agent’s business card before your pitch self destructs. Ok maybe the latter is extreme but you do need to get that card! Digest as many pitch books and blog info as you can so you will be ready. Good luck!

Peace and luv!


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