Traditional Publishing? No Thanks!

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This isn’t my opinion (the title). Read on and I’ll explain.

Author Penelope Trunks has attempted to go thru the traditional publishing route and she wrote about the experience on her blog. She honestly feels the same way about it as I do. A conversation went on with a publisher and as she asked legit questions they got an attitude and accused her of being condescending. So instead of bowing down Penelope digested every book on self publishing she could get her hands on and became a self publisher herself. Minds well…..what do traditional publishers do anyway? They don’t even want to fuck with you unless you have a strong online presence. They demand you to have a concrete marketing plan on what you’ve done so far and what you are planning to continue doing after the book deal (if they give you a contract).

With all of that what will they do, just sit on their asses collecting my hard earned cash? I’m serious, what are their responsibilities? I’ve worked my ass off on a project not to have some joe schmoe half market it. I’m kind of backwards tho considering I do want my own publishing company but I want to take it back to the way it was where all the writer had to do was worry about writing. Some writers do not always want to be self publishers, all they want to do is write novel after novel. My job would be to make sure that writer does that while I schedule the conferences, book signings, etc. And another goal of mine would be to cut down the process of publishing the novel in half. It should not take 12-18 months (unless you’re a celebrity, and we all know how that goes) to publish a book.

Anywho here are some of Penelope’s observations on traditional publishers:

  • publishers don’t have any idea who is buying their books. 85% of books are sold thru Amazon. Ironically Amazon does not share their numbers with publishers. How do they market their clients? What if they schedule a writer to do a book signing in an area where they are not known?
  • another Penelopism is print publishers have no idea how to do online marketing. WTF! That explains why they want you to do the grunt work cause they are too lazy to do it themselves! They haven’t a clue which online method works or how many people they actually reach since they don’t do a metrics based online publicity campaign
  • The profit margins are too low. Penelope got more profit selling on Amazon rather than putting a link back to her publisher’s site for a sale

I have seen enough authors succeed at self publishing to not give it a try. It is not easy but I feel more rewarded this way.

Peace and luv!



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