Entreprenuers In Africa

Each week Kickstarter highlights a unique, spotlight worthy project. I am highlighting this recent one on my blog because we need it to fall thru for this man.

Writer Jon Gosier is hoping to raise $60,000 to be able to get the youth in Africa the opportunity to publish and direct films and books. Read his reasoning:

The usual story we hear is how this explosion of youth is tied to unemployment, civil unrest and crime. But there is another side to this story whether it’s a Ugandan engineer teaching robotics to youth in remote villages or a Malawain who taught himself to build windmills which now power his entire community or the Kenyans racing to offer the continents first pan- Africa mobile banking solution – left to their own devices they are coming up with disruptive innovations, creating new business models that not only will employ themselves but their peers and creating new ecosystems for trade that boost the continent’s productivity.

I could not agree more. These people need to shine if not brighter than the negative images we see in the media. Hopefully this story will motivate some money makers. Tweet this to all of your social media friends and see if we can get this ball rolling. Visit kickstarter to donate.


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