Worldly Advice For Authors…Yeah Bookbaby….yeah!

Bookbaby is a great website for writers. I suggest you get on their email list to get great articles/newsletters sent to you. This one was in my email the other day. Blogger Chris Robley tells us writers 10 things an agent is not suppose to do for us. For those who are shopping for an agent or have one now, pay attention! An agent is not suppose to:

  1. Ask you for an upfront payment. They can’t get money until you get a deal.

  2. Charge for editing suggestions, feedback. They are agents not editors.

  3. Make editing referrals to outside editing services.

  4. Edit your novel; again they are agents only.

  5. Guarantee you success. Only thing that is guaranteed is death and taxes.

  6. Pitch your book to vanity presses. Who does that anyway?

  7. Hold your hand. You are grown, act like it.

  8. Act as your publicist.

  9. Take more than 20% (when you get a deal first!)

10. Drop everything for you. You’re not that special. There are other clients. Your agent should not ignore you completely but do not fire them if they do not answer one phone call.

Now that you are equipped with some info use it. Oh and go sign up for the Bookbaby updates and newsletters!

Peace and luv!


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