Mighty Girls Unite!

Young girls have so much pressure put on them, from staying a virgin, dating, keeping a healthy self esteem, excelling in school and a long list of other things. It is nice when we as parents have resources to help talk to the young girls about these issues in a non-preachy way. Well the people at Aloud have collected a series of books just for young girls with some kick ass Mighty Girls power. Parents can read these books to their own superstars or their superstars can read aloud to them. Either way they will enjoy and stay positive at the same time. Here are a few of the mighty girls books that can be bought straight off of http://www.amightygirl.com

Anne of Green Gables $5.99
Ella Enchanted $6.99
Harriet the Spy  $6.99 (luved this one)
Tuck Everlasting $6.99
Matilda $6.99 (another good one)
Savvy $7.99
May B $10.87
Number the Stars $6.99

Peace and luv!


3 thoughts on “Mighty Girls Unite!

  1. I love Harriet the spy, i have never read the book

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