J.K. Rowling Does Magic Trick With Debut Adult Novel

Must be nice to have so much clout as a writer that if you don’t want your story previewed by the public you do not have to and still be in demand. That is how J.K. Rowling, Ms Harry Potter herself, has it.

September 27th should be coined J.K. Rowling Day. Since letting everyone know she will be working on an adult genre fiction the buzz about it became vicious. How she is able to keep it wrapped up is beyond me with all the hackers and money hungry snitches within celebrity’s camps is beyond me.

Is she doing too much with keeping it under wraps?

There is some positive and negative aspects to this. Keeping the novel under CIA wraps creates a buzz like no other, but only if you are an established author, you cannot do that coming out unless you have a concept that is genius. The demand for the novel before its debut lets the author know how much fans love them. Two million copies have been put in print. Only fifteen people in the US have been special enough to view the book.

The downfall to this is the pressure to come with it. You suck and that can damage future sales and fans. Can she bring the phenomenal work that she did in the Harry Potter series to The Casual Vacancy? Technically she is considered a new author in this genre.

Something different about the debut is that ebooks will be available unlike before. She doe not care too much about that format, neither do I but looking at in a business light it is genius. Everybody has some kind of ereader so it is best to accomodate them. The e-version will be $19.99 while the physical format will be $35.

The Casual Vacancy will debut September 27th!

Peace and luv!


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