We Don’t Need No Water Let The Mu**afu**ers Burn!

“The Fifty Shades trilogy is a work of romantic fiction which explores a consensual relationship between two willing adult participants. The books are enjoyed by millions of readers – primarily women – around the world.”

Random House

Ok, if that is what you believe.

It is crazy how this fake project many call an actual novel is causing so much ruckus in the writing world. Supposedly people are so upset and disgusted with this novel’s content they are planning to burn copies of 50 Shades of Grey. The director could not even finish the nasty novel saying, “…libraries wasting and grossly misusing public money to buy a book which says ‘domestic violence’ is sexy.”

I’m not one to defend this fuckery called literature but regardless the creator does have the right to write  erotica and it is up to the reader if they want to read it. I bet 90% of the women that will participate has the book chillin at home by their beds and have read it….a few times actually.

However it will go down in November in the UK just in case you feel compelled to burn some books.

Peace and luv!


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