Agent Physically Threatened

You know when you watch scary movies and the white girl ALWAYS goes investigating when she hears a noise in the house and no one else is supposed to be in there? All you do is yell at the tv like she really can hear you. We all know how that scene ends right? This is a similar situation.

Literary agent Pam Van Hylchama was sought out recently by a disgruntled wanna be writer. Out of nowhere a man approached her car and smashed a side window. Instead of driving off to police she rolls down window and asks what he was doing. The lunatic reaches in to grab her head and banged her head against her steering wheel! Her dog bit the crap out if his arm which helped once the police looked thru her threatening emails to get his home address. When they went to his house he was nursing his wound. Of course he is arrested however I want to ask her what the hell was she thinking! Did she honestly think she could actually talk to this coo-coo for cocoa puff? He could have had a gun, knife, or a bomb but she wants to conversate. Wow!

In no way do I condone what he did to her but I also do not condone stupidity. That moment was not the time to grow some balls and test them out. Girl let it go! He showed all of his fuckery. Something tells me he was an only child who never heard the word no. Just a wild guess. Thank god for that dog. I see a big bag of Scooby snacks for him.

Peace and luv!


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