Hustla of the Week

Miasha Coleman, an urban fiction writer, is not one to wait around on the sidelines for an opportunity to come to her; she has made one for herself. She always knew she was going to be a writer it was just a matter of when.

Raised by parents that were addicted to crack Miasha decided to take an alternative route. She started writing herself out of the hood. When she graduated a writer spoke at her ceremony. When she finished her novel Secret Society ahe reached out to that very writer and asked could they become her mentor. She told her about the business which Miasha had no idea about. Eventually Simon & Schuster came calling in the form of a six figure deal. Fast forward and this sistah has seven novels under her belt along with awards like the Essence bestselling author.

I don’t you personally but sistah you are an inspiration.

Peace and luv!


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