Writing Opportunities

Real estate says location, location, location! In the writing business our motto is networking, networking, networking. It is possible to ink a deal and become successful without having connects but it sure is easy a hell when you do have them available. Attending those writer’s conferences and/or submitting to legit contests can get you some notoreighty. Here are a few I found for you. No need to thank me it’s my job. Now pay attention….

The Bookbaby Bestseller Sweepstakes: Only independent authors can enter into this massive publishing package worth over ten grand. The deadline will be October 31st and the winner will be contacted thru email.

Now back to the prizes: ebook Premium Publishing, custom printed books with Interior Book Design, cover design, global ebook distribution, a sales consultation and a professionally made website.

There is so much more, visit http://www.bookbaby.com for complete details.

Harper Voyager Giving Unagented Writers An Opportunity: For two weeks (Oct 1st thru the 14th) the science fiction and fantasy imprint Harper Voyage will be accepting unagented manuscripts. Editors from the US, UK and Australia will select the best. The winner will get the full service publishing package (editing, online marketing and sales support in world english markets).

Epic fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, dystopia and supernatural are the genres fitted for them. Visit http://www.harporvoyagersubmissions.com to submit.

BBC To Host Atlanta Black Theatre Festival: On October 4th thru the 7th the BBC will host a festival in the black mecca of the States-Hot-lanta! In four days, forty plays will take place. Workshops, author’s alley and readings will be offered to enjoy. Oh did I mention that this festival is free?

AABE Now Accepting Manuscripts: What would you earn for getting published thru AABE? How about:

-digital conversion
-major retail distribution
-worldwide Adobe PDF distribution
-exposure to Exchange Publishing Umbrella
-royalties that will be paid quarterly
-over 25,000 Facebook connects
-over 100,000 reader list
-over 400 african american book clubs exposure
-over 400 AABE ebook club members
-author new release campaigns
-WAAE radio author interviews

Get in while you can, all genres welcomed.

More upcoming contests
Hollywood Screenplay Contest. Categories accepted are: screenplays, short screenplays, tv scripts, pilots, stage plays, treatments and reality tv.

Deadline is September 30th.

Grand prize is: cash advisory meetings with Hollywood literart agency, Summit Talent, Literary Agency, Greenhouse Studios and Hollywood production company – Greenhouse Studios production package – software packages from Sony Creative software – InkTip Marketing package – gift certificates – moviemaker magazine subscription – independent film quarterly subscription – free entry to the Hollywood Screenplay Contest – Script Coverage package.

Whew that was a lot! http://www.hollywoodscreenplaycontest.com

Publishing Innovation Awards: These awards honor digital content that enriches readers in 14 categories. The winners will receive tickets to the three day Digital Book World Conference and Expo going down in January. The deadline is November 15th.

Boiler’s Journal’s 1st Annual 500 Flash Fiction Challenge: Can you write great content in 500 words or less? Here is your chance. First place winner will get $1000 while second place will get $500. Deadline is November 15th.

LA Book Festival: Any books that are published traditionally, by self, or indie are eligible for this. Three categories (Author of the Year, Book Design of the Year and Publisher of the year) to compete in. A $50 registration fee is expected but the prize is worth it. $1500 and a ticket to the LA book festival. Visit http://www.losangelesbookfestival.com

Peace and luv!


2 thoughts on “Writing Opportunities

  1. Thank you for all this info! I’ve been looking for opportunities to get my feet wet, but not even sure where to begin. Ah the joys of a newbie!

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