Banned Books Week!

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Have you ever read a book that was considered banned in certain places or establishments that had you wondering what the hell?! What was it? Me personally have never read a book that has been banned, I don’t think…..but I would love if you have and so would YouTube.

During this week you as an avid reader (or maybe not one but just wanna voice your opinion about a banned book you read in school) can record a 2 min video of you reading from a book that has been banned or talking about why it was banned in the first place and post it on the Virtual Read Out YouTube channel. If you are a tad bit shy you can post images relating to the banned book along with some music in the background if you would like. Just don’t get long winded or anything. But have fun be creative and give me the link to some that have interest you so I can post them as well!

Peace and luv!


2 thoughts on “Banned Books Week!

  1. Thanks for linking me! I am considering the Youtube thing… I just need to think which book and how can I make it clever…LOL

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