K’wan’s Animal Is Clawing Its Way Up!

Can you hear that? I know you hear that, it’s loud as hell. It sounds like a hungry animal or maybe it’s K’wan’s new street novel Animal. Released on October 2nd and already making moves on the bestseller’s list. Guess what number he is on? Personally he should be ar #1 however he is at #3 which is damn good if you ask me. Screw Ms Harry Potter’s long awaited adult fiction debut we need to get this brotha to number 1 including me who has yet to it (I know, that’s sad). I wouldn’t mind getting an autographed copy of it….you for research purpose. I mean I do need to do a review on it and possible interview right, so if anyone has connects to him don’t hesitate to use them for me. It never hurts to ask.

I will say I’m proud of him even tho I never met him; he has made it look so easy for ‘us’ to be respected in this cold writing world. Now go out and get 10 copies! Has anybody read it yet?

Peace and luv!


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