Hard Work Really Does Pay Off

You can’t ever sit and expect things to magically fall into your lap, you need to grind it out until you’ve created the perfect opportunity for youself.

Hustle like there is no plan B. If there is a plan B then you have it in the back if your mind that it will fail eventually.

Since I am a writer who is trying to become your favorite writer’s, favorite writer I get motivated when I hear authors self publish their work then get a major deal with a traditional publisher. Not saying that self publishing is beneath traditional by no means but the fact that a person got a big dawg to notice them instead of vice versa is the business!


Author Tammara Webber has been on top of the writing charts for a minute selling well over 150,000 copies. Penguin Books have taken notice. Already they have released an electronic version and will release a paperback one on November 9th.

Easy, the title of the book, bounces between Ya and adult fiction as it focuses on a young girl adjusting to life after being sexually assaulted and finding a new love. People are calling this the new ‘adult’ genre. Boy we love our titles don’t we? Congrats anyway.

Peace and luv!


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