All The Cool Kids Sit At the Amazon Table

As if us writers are not already narcissistic. The Author Rank feature Amazon have created allows an author to….get this, check every hour to see where their novel stands as far as popularity. Why do I suddenly feel like I’ve been transformed into high school again walking into the lunchroom and having to walk passed the cool table because I have been banned from sitting there?

Dang I went hard didn’t I?

Anywho, I can’t see anything good coming out of this new system. Chew on this, say a fairly new writer like myself has published a novel. One hour I may be at number 2, next hour I may drop down to 26. Guess what, there goes my little self esteem!

Another thing is Americans, we love being competitive, we thrive off it. It has been beaten in our heads that we must be first or we are nothing but failures. I am a believer that an author should write what they want to write. There is someone out there who will read your cooky ish. You get caught up in this popularity contest and you start writing garbage just to stay at the high spot. Readers are not going to feel your book if you did not put forth the effort to bring a bomb novel. It’s like you would be selling your soul.

This is another distraction for the undisciplined writer. It is great to be wanted but it is not everything so do not get so hung up on the whole thing alright? Is this a helpful function for you writers or has Amazon gone coo-coo for cocoa puffs? Let me know.

Peace and luv!


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